The Customer Respect Group has helped companies tune the digital presence for over 15 years in line with heightened customer expectations of the online experience. Online content cannot solely display a company’s products, it must help the customer on their own journey. The internet is now Main Street and online identities including the website, Facebook page and Twitter account are windows and doors that customers look into.

The Insurance Pulse, previously known as SocialEyes, has for seven years offered insight and data on the social and digital media campaigns and inititives in the insurance industry. Insurers need to enhance communications with the customer in a digital world both from the corporate office as well from agents and representatives.  


the Online Experience

to meet Customer Expectations

NEW - Custom Benchmark Reports

Where now for Social Media in the Insurance Industry?

No longer one of the Must-Do projects yet cannot be neglected. Social media remains one of the most effective communication tools and customers expect insurers to engage with them. Custom Benchmarks looks at competitors and similar organizations of your choice to provide trends, current practices, best and of course the failed practices.

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