The Customer Respect Group has worked for more than 15 years to optimize digital properties and in social media for 10 years. 

Social Media in the Insurance Industry

What Role does Social Media Play in the Insurance Industry?

It is not uncommon or unreasonable for industry executives to question the value, return, and role for social media. 

  • What is the strategy for content and who is the audience?
  • How can insurers support local agents on social media and for what benefit?
  • Can Instagram insurers reach millennials?
  • What are peer insurers doing with social media? Are they in a better or worse position?

Our Latest Studies

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Social Media Audits

What Role does Social Media Play in Your Organization?

Social Media has evolved and is dramatically different than during its heyday between 2010 and 2014 but at its core, it remains fundamentally the same, it is an effective influencer channel.

  • How do you judge the effectiveness of your social media?
  • What content is working?
  • Who are the best advocates?
  • Is there a role for employees?
  • Is Influencer Marketing an option?

A social media audit considers all aspects of social media within your competitive context.



Competitive Social Audit

    • Multiple organizations (incl own)
    • Present and past social activity
    • Content categorized
    • Engagement metrics by organization, category, and post format
    • Post Format Blend (Video, image, text)
    • Report for each organization
    • Review of industry trends
    • Recommendations based on business goals and competitive space
    • Teleconference presentation


COMpany Social Audit

  • Social media review
  • Present and past social activity
  • Content categorized
  • Comprehensive report in the context of similar organizations and industry trends.
  • Engagement metrics by category and post format
  • Post Format Blend (Video, image, text)
  • Recommendations based on business goals within an industry perspective
  • Teleconference presentation


About The Customer Respect Group

The Customer Respect Group has been a trusted source of online benchmark data and strategic insight since 2003. While much of our work is in financial services, we have worked across a variety of industries including telecommunications, education, government, and retail. Among our clients, we include MetLife, Verizon, Thrivent Financial, Mutual of Omaha and US Bank.

Our social media publication, SocialEyes,  has been distributed to over 400 organizations.

While most practical aspects of social media have changed, the fundamentals are the same. It is fair to say that we have seen and reviewed thousands of social media initiatives and probably seen every technique, campaign, and initiative. Our ability to conduct Social Media Audit is unrivaled.

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