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Everything Starts with Data

While the precise date values – follower count, fans etc. – are less important than in previous years, the value is all in the trends. Its not the value of data – its the trajectory and the trend that tells us what to look for. If a competitive insurer has doubled its Facebook engagement, the odds point to a new campaign and the intended audience might be your agents or their customers. Either way you ned to know.

Who, What, & Why?

The data tells us where to look but what strategy or campaign is driving the numbers? Is this a short or long-term objective? Is it successful?  Who is the intended audience? What is the content We consider the digital activities bearing in mind the unique challenges facing insurers such as regulatory compliance, providing low touch and low interest products and the consideration that must be paid to the agency channels.

The Story

What are other insurers doing — in their own words? Case studies, interviews and stories all blended with the facts gleamed from years of our proprietary data collection and monitoring. We speak with people from the industry that have tackles some of the difficult problems not just to document successes but the road blocks industry practitioner may face.

The Future

The industry is inundated with capital, new technologies and market entrants all under the broad umbrella of ‘Insurtech’. But it is par for 80+% of new technology companies to fail, that’s the venture capital experience. We focus on developments and initiatives that are likely to have an impact on the industry within the next 12-18 months. Key are those that impact the overall customer experience and partnerships between insurers and technology firms.

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