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Our standard publications and reports review the activities and trends across more than 200 insurance companies. While we segment data across sectors and distribution channels, there are often requirements to fine tune the analysis and data collection to focus on specific industry groups or policies. The most common objective is to build or rebuild a social media strategy as the technologies have evolved and offer significantly more sophisticated funcrionality. The audience for the analysis has over time migrated from social media teams to senior executives in various business functions. Senior executives tend to be less concerned with tactics and more on how to integrate social media into a broad corporate communications strategy.

Major US Bank

For one of the largest US retail banks, development of a metric to measure the social media impact earned from its wide range of sponsorships. The metric – Social Potential – determines the relative value for each sponsorship with the objective to identify opportunities to grow social amplification from supporters of the program/event. The program included sponsored teamd and events ranging from professional teams and leagues to local marathonsm theaters and wine festivals.

Membership Organization

A membership organization that offers a full range of insurance products as part of broad set of services. A pinpoint review of other membership organizations as well as traditional insurers was required to help create a social and digital strategy that could take advantage of the unique membership structure.

B2B Insurer

For a specialty B2B insurer a review of social media activity in a selection of agencies carrying the insurer’s policies. In addition, a report on social media strategies at 10 of the insurer’s named competitors. With the insurer’s late entry to social media, the objective was not to replicate existing strategies but to determine what was working and what was not to allow the insurer to step over the competitors.

Regional P&C Insurer

For a regional P&C insurer with independent agents a competitve analysis of 10 named carriers to create a social and digital media strategy. The review looked at current carrier practice as well as identifying agency needs to implement a content marketing plan to increase agent loyalty and percentage of business.

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