The Insurtech Pulse – SME Insurance

“Insurtech” developments are big news even if the tone has changed – it is less about total industry disruption and more on how new technologies can be enable change.

It can be hard to keep up with the stream of new developments so the objective of the “Insurtech Pulse” is to focus on very recent news around one specific topic.

We will cover SME, Life, Auto, Homeowners and even cross policy topics such as customer service (bots, chat) and millennial marketing. If you want to receive regular updates from The Insurtech Pulse – register at the bottom the this page.

For this issue, we consider Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) insurance.

Is the SME insurance market ready for change? According to panelists at Advisen’s Casualty Insurance Conference including: Sarah Street, at XL Catlin; John Heveran, Liberty Mutual; and Alex Schwarzkopf, Pillar Technologies – the answer is YES.

The Insurtech Pulse – Renter’s Insurance

Each month, we take a look at recent “insurtechs” developments across a specific policy type. We cover SME, P&C, Life but this issue, we consider renter’s insurance. Renter’s insurance has never been a favorite of local agents with low premiums and a transient customer base. The target customer base includes a high percentage of younger renters that show scant interest in protecting limited possessions often in the mistaken belief that landlord insurance cover losses (and liabilities). Renters insurance is long overdue for a fundamental change to the distribution model.Now many factors are aligning to raise interest in renter’s insurance.

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