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Benchmarks provide comparative data and actionable recommendations. Strengths and weaknesses are easier to identify when considered as part of an objective set of data. Benchmark data can address functionality, task completion success, language usage, social media activity, and overall website performance. Project priorities are easier given clear and objective competitive differentiation — moving away from subjective opinions to facts.

Social Media Strategy and Tactics

Social media is a burgeoning industry in its own right. There is no alternative other than to embrace it, but why? Social media is a tool, not a goal, and it is vital not to “build a Facebook page” but to build a strategy.

Success objectives should be determined, legal and management considerations will dictate organizational structure, fan recruitment strategies will influence campaigns, and engagement goals should determine content development. Platforms are the tools to deliver the strategy.

We have advised and consulted insurance and financial services companies for over 5 years on social media strategy as well as maintain a comprehensive database of activity some of which is published in SocialEyes each month.

Comparative Site Reviews and Analysis

Website reviews in isolation have limited value.  For any identified weakness, is that required within the industry? Who else does this well? Does the function enhance the business strategy and objectives?

Customers judge websites not on Web design standards but by their own experience. A comparative review puts the site into context with best-practice examples.

Results are available for readability, average sentence length, passive language use, long sentences, and word complexity. When it is impossible to review every page manually, our automated tools can help focus revision efforts. As well as language usage, the process can highlight inconsistent or outdated terminology and acronyms.

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