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What is SocialEyes?

We regularly notice, highlight and report on:SocialEyes is a monthly newsletter containing a comprehensive review of all that is happening with social media within the insurance industry. The analysis starts with the collection of objective data for insurers from all of the major social platforms. We collect among other things Facebook page likes, posts, and engagement, Twitter activity and followers, data from YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Instagram.  It generally fair to say that the absolute numbers matter less than when they change. This indicates activity and that is what we care about.

  • Contests
  • Sweepstakes
  • Charity orientated campaigns
  • Paid ad campaigns
  • Customer segmentation campaigns  and new pages e.g by customer age, location, occupation, interests
  • Captive and independent agent activity and programs
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Insurer blogs and content marketing

Who Should Read SocialEyes?

Anyone who is charged or involved with social media in the insurance industry. It is, by far, the most comprehensive and ongoing survey of industry activity. With the period of social media experimentation rapidly closing with costs escalating and “free” social access waning, it is now more important than ever to understand what has been done, what ideas work and which ones do not. This is the value of SocialEyes, it is the definitive benchmark and pulse for the industry.

Who Subscribes?

Hundreds of insurers now receive SocialEyes ranging from the largest carriers with thousands of captive agents through to the smallest regional mutual insurers selling through networks of independent agents. The newsletter is valued by carriers that sell direct to the consumer, carriers that are strictly in the B2B space and even multinational re-insurers.

How Much Does it Cost?

SocialEyes is published monthly for a cost of $499 per year. Company-wide and departmental licences are also available.

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