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Identifying Top Tasks Becomes Essential with Mobile Sites


There is a distinct trend towards identifying and supporting top tasks on websites.  Consumers go online to get things done and the reward for making those tasks easier to complete are well documented. Certainly there are sites with multiple types of visitors who have separate top tasks but that is no reason to throw in the towel.

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Watch Your Site Visitors Carefully To Get The Critical Data You Need

How do you know your visitors can complete their most important tasks successfully and efficiently? The answer is simple: observe them and use a stopwatch. In other words, get hard data on how people are progressing their tasks on your website, where the problems are that slow them down and push them off course.

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An Offer You Can’t Refuse or One You Can’t Understand?

Are consumers ready to buy insurance online? The jury is out on that. However, when it comes to consumers wanting to research insurance options online, there is no doubt. Studies indicate that the Web is the first stop for many consumers. While industry websites have improved considerably since we started benchmarking the industry nine years ago,

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Career Path for Journalism Majors – Insurance?

Social Media is a collection of inter-connected people networks – create interest at any point in the network and content can spread. People have become comfortable with sharing; Facebook and Twitter have made it very easy. As an illustration, The Wall Street Journal benefits from 2.5 million Facebook referrals every month – people regard sharing as helpful.

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