Custom Social Benchmark Reports

Custom Benchmark Reports are up-close looks at six companies or organizations selected by YOU. (This number can be expanded at an additional cost). The report offers an up-to-date analysis of the social media activity of your competitors or organization you would like to emulate. 

Competitive insurers will be hoping for social amplification through the same agents that carry your policies. Which insurers have build employee advocacy programs or look to reach customers directly? What content are they creating and is it working?

The analysis looks at the social media profiles of each company on major social platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

The analysis reports on:

  • Content Blend¬†
  • Audience Profile
  • Post Frequency
  • Engagement Rate and Blend
  • Responsiveness to User Comments and Posts

We will look back into the profile history to reflect on recent changes in strategy or activity.


  • Report – Slide format (Powerpoint) or Document (Word) in editable format. (Google Docs/Sheets on request)

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