We partner with leading organizations and thought leaders that bring complementary technology and solutions to our own.

The objective in every case is to create a solution for our customers and it is always to help bridge the gap between reality online with customer expectations.


About The Customer Respect Group

Based in Metro Boston, we have been a trusted source of benchmark data and online strategy advice since 2003 for major companies in the insurance, telecommunications, education, government, and retail industries.

Our customers include many of the most respected organizations in the world, such as MetLife, Verizon, and IBM. Our analysts are regular speakers at industry conferences and have columns in major trade publications.

Our mission statement has always been to identify inconsistencies between website realities and customer expectations. With customers now in greater control, a poor online experience can have a significant and negative impact.

Social media is a natural extension of the same mission as companies start to reach out to customers and are no longer able to wait for customers to find the website.

Industry Conferences and Journals

Our analysts regularly speak at industry conferences and write for a variety of trade publications.

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